Have you sent me your rss feed link?

If you do, I’ll be happy to keep an eye on it for you.

I know that running an online business, keeping up with all the trends, and be a cutting-edge innovator in your field is next to impossible.

There just aren’t enough hours in a day.

But I need to give you a head’s up on this…RSS is moving mainstream and the window for small-to-medium sized business or niche
marketers is still wide open as this happens.

Here’s where we go mainstream, and you become a cutting-edge innovator…

“Google is now in beta phase with their Adsense in RSS program.”

If that’s all geek speak to you I apologize.

In English:

1. You add an item to your RSS Feed.
2. Google serves up an advertisement to match your content.
3. If a reader clicks the ad, you make money.

Want to know more?

Click the link.

You’ll get a taste of what’s to come as well as a brain-dump of “To Adsense or Not Adsense”.

Drop me a line on the site if you want to talk more about this. And by all means send me your feed link if I don’t already have it!

Yours in Success!


p.s. One of the things that working with Dr. Joe Vitale has taught me is that the early adopters establish themselves in their chosen market with less struggle and clawing to get to the top in their market. I’ll continue to keep you posted on relevant RSS News as it hits the presses.