After years of fighting spam in my inbox I am stripping all my online contact forms from all my websites, so that’s not what you’ll find here…

Instead, I invite you to leave a comment below, make it as long as you want and when I check in (most often daily), I will pick up and reply to your message. This is not publicly posted. Neither will be my response. If you want me to reply you MUST leave a valid email address as that is how I will contact you with answers or suggestions.

Finally, my spam filter is set to delete for any swear or pornographic words so please be careful not to include any of those in your comments (as if you would! but it must be said) or I will never see your note.

If you’d like to be on my list of contacts who have asked to be updated when the Stampede Secret 2.0 product is released, please visit this page Websites Reloaded for 2.0 Traffic.

Your email address is never posted, all comments must be approved before seen below by the general public (you will however see your own message after posting, but you and I will be the only ones).

Thank you for your comments, interest, contact and notes!

Laura Childs