“I barely broke a sweat!”

I want to tell you an easy way to publish, maintain and promote an RSS Feed by just doing what you’re already doing, and clicking just one button.

If you’re not already doing this, you’ll love it!

Here’s what happened to me…

Last month I clicked one button and a new RSS Feed was created that was loaded with links back to my site.

The content was all my own words, and contained my own promotions but I didn’t do any extra writing or use any new software to create it.

As if that wasn’t enough of a treat, when I went to promote the feed to the RSS directories (just two days later), I found that 80% of the directories returned this error message to me:

“We already have that url in our database.”

I’ll admit, I am getting older, but I’m not senile yet! I KNEW I hadn’t submitted that feed…


To read how this came to pass, the theory of why this works so easily, and how you can set this up for yourself, by simply doing what you’re already doing plus one button push more, visit:

Easy RSS Feed

Keep on marketing!


p.s. There’s nothing to buy, if you have an auto-responder account it truly is as easy as one extra click, one time.

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