Clearly we’re well into 2007 now, the New Year has passed and most of our resolutions already fallen and forgotten.

There is one however that I’m adamant about and that is to do my part to put an end to the bad advice given by the internet marketers to the struggling entrepreneur in the form of $27-$97 ebooks.

This is a tough one. Ebooks or training courses that are just right for one, is completely old hat and useless for another. It all depends on your current level of understanding and experience, how much you value knowledge and new techniques, and if the writer or trainer connects with you on a personal level. (Remember your high school teacher that you couldn’t stand or understand but others in your class loved and florished under?)

I quickly learned this lesson in the first version of The Stampede Secret back in 2004.

For every customer that wrote in and said “I don’t understand this aspect. It’s too hard,” there would be another that would write in and say “Okay, I’ve got that. Now what’s the next step? Give me the advanced stuff…” That’s one of the reasons I ended up putting all the strategy lessons in the Member’s Area. Customers landed there when they were ready for the next level of marketing with blogs and rss feeds.

Choosing Information That’s Right For You

What was needed in our internet marketing industry was a venue for people to get the inside scoop on a product – without the sales pitch. Real reviews from real people with no affiliate link attached makes it much easier to determine if a course or ebook is right for you or a waste of your time and money.

A 2.0 Website Launch – Real People Writing Honest Reviews

When Dave Vallieres offered to involve me in a new website project, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved. It fit my 2007 mandate and resolution (to put the right products in the right people’s hands) perfectly!

Not only that, but it is clearly a 2.0 site, another of my mandates for 2007 site creation.

Honest and unedited reviews on hundreds of internet marketing and website promotion products from hundreds of average ‘Jills’ and ‘Joes’, and even a few top notch newsletter owners and product creators.

You won’t find one piece of advertising on the website anywhere (not even a string of Adsense ads in the sidebar), so you can rest assured that you aren’t about to be ‘sold to’ or ‘suckered in’.

You Can Be A Part of This 2.0 Project

If you’ve got something to say about a product you’ve bought, read or used, I’m hoping you’ll add your bit too! If you’re thinking of purchasing an ebook, course or service this also should be your first stop before you part with your hard earned money.

Although access to these reviews are free, and you’re invited to write about any product or service related to online
business, you do need an invite to get in (which is a little offside I realize for a 2.0 website but it’s a matter of growth management).

See you there,

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P.S.: One of our invited visitors even reviewed the site! They said: “Having personally benefited without paying a single penny from reviews left by others on this site, I am more than happy to award the highest rating to this website…”

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